Nicole Zeeff brings a unique mix of training and experience to Titan Interiors as its corporate controller.

It’s fair to say that Nicole Zeeff has the construction trade in her blood, having spent years in the industry before she joined Titan Interiors last week as the company’s controller.

So it isn’t any surprise that Titan Interiors President Rudy Kadiric tapped Nicole for the newly created controller’s position to help his company reach the next level of professionalism as it grows in the metro Grand Rapids market.

With 58 full-time employees and a small army of subcontractors, Titan Interiors is now implementing financial controls and standardized policies for human resources that will pave the way for the company for years to come.

“We are extremely pleased to have Nicole join our team,” Rudy says. “She has experience working with individuals in just about every aspect of construction -- contractors, project managers, developers -- and she understands how important good accounting is to making a company profitable.”

Nicole says there is a huge opportunity at Titan Interiors to leverage new software and online services to streamline the accounting processes at the company to boost efficiencies.

“Titan has a phenomenal team of construction professionals,” she says. “My job will be to make sure that the company’s assets are protected and secure, as well as managing human resources. I’m excited to help run a tight and efficient ship here.”

Nicole got her first taste of corporate accounting when she was 18 and helped with the books at Kaufman Golf Course in Wyoming. She later went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in finance and sustainable urban development from Grand Valley State University and spent more than a decade running her own accounting firm that specialized in helping smaller construction companies with their books.

With an abiding interest in the impact that good planning and development has on communities, Nicole is comfortable discussing anything from drainage testing to the value of thoughtful master plans. “Nicole knows her stuff,” Rudy says. “She is just the sort of talent that Titan Interiors needs to reach our goal of being the largest interior finishing contractor in West Michigan.”