Titan Interiors performs work at education center of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Springs Lake, Michigan.

In about three weeks, more than 150 grade schoolers and preschoolers will burst through the doors of the new $5.5 million education center of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Spring Lake to start classes. The gleaming new school is a tribute to St. Mary’s Parish and its commitment to education and faith-based learning, said the church’s pastor, the Rev. David Gross.

When those doors open for the first time, Titan Interiors will have had a hand in drywall finishing, ceiling installation and other interior work to create a safe and attractive environment for the students to learn.

“We were very pleased to be working on this project, particularly since it represents an investment by the parishioners of St. Mary’s in their children,” said Rudy Kadiric, president of Titan Interiors. “And we appreciate the professionalism and diligent planning by the general contractor on this project, Elzinga & Volkers Construction Professionals in Holland.”

Elzinga & Volkers directed and coordinated all the work of Titan Interiors and other subcontractors to make sure the school will open on Nov. 28 for full-time students preschool to 8th grade, as well as about 175 students in the faith formation classes held every Wednesday. Titan Interiors onsite supervisor Ben Bator was keeping his crew busy at the site this week with mudding work, installation of hanging ceilings and other interior finishing. Even Father Gross pitched in on the construction project to keep it on schedule: he pulled wire for the school’s public address system.

“It’s a very exciting project” Father Gross said. “It’s a substantial commitment by the parish so all kids can get a great education and learn about their faith.” St. Mary’s broke ground on the project in March with the demolition of the former priests’ residence to clear the site for the school. The 23,500-square-foot project upgraded and expanded the school so that all learning can take place in one location, rather than the church’s basement and other sites , he said.