Construction is working with your hands and your head, and you have to use both well to get the job done correctly and safely.

There are best practices in building without injury through worksite safety, just like there are best practices in construction skills such as drywalling and framing to always produce a quality job. Titan Interiors has raised the bar on its safety procedures with the addition of Seth Wehner to its team as safety director in charge of monitoring all its ongoing projects throughout West Michigan.

“Seth is a great resource for us -- telling us when we are doing things right, and helping us to figure things out if something needs to be improved,” said Arron Vincent, foreman overseeing interior work on five buildings near the northwest intersection of Division Avenue South and Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids.  The project for Dwelling Place Inc. aims to renovate the buildings for low income housing.

With the added expertise of Seth, the Titan Interiors was confident enough in their safety procedures last week to invite an inspector from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to visit the Dwelling Place worksite for an audit.

“Everyone at Titan Interiors is committed to making things safe, but it may not be always obvious to the guys at the worksite as to how to get that done,” said Seth, who has been involved in construction safety for about 15 years and lectured on the topic at Grand Valley State University. “What I am providing is a fresh set of eyes on what may need to be improved and discover where the risks are.”

His expertise has been acquired through years of visiting scores of worksites in varied locations on projects ranging from new Grand Valley State University Biology Lab and Market Place to to large-scale renovations. Seth was named as one of 40 honorees younger than 40 by the National Safety Council as its NSC Rising Stars of Safety Class of 2011. He is OSHA 10 and 30-hour construction safety certified, level one MIOSHA certified, and is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers. 

Seth is making regular visits to all of Titan Interior projects and implementing a comprehensive program that aims to reduce and eliminate injuries altogether. The program includes regular inspections, reports, coaching, injury and near-miss Investigations, risk assessments, and basic training.